Equal partnered with Yamazaki, successfully broke Guinness World Record 2016 – Largest Dessert Party

Equal partnered with Yamazaki and organized the largest dessert party, successfully broke the GWR Largest dessert party record. Participants get the chance to taste the Yamazaki recipe dessert made by Equal Sugar Blend. The sugar content is lower than normal one for 50% calorie but the sweetness taste is still there. Yamazaki will also launch part of the products to the market after the event.

Guinness World Record adjudicator visited the event. Equal broke the record with 1166 participants from the previous one 1010 participants at a dessert party in Michigan USA. A Guinness World Record certificate is awarded to Equal Management Director Mr Chaisucha Chotipurk. To celebrate this event, Equal South Asia Brand Manager Ms Janyaporn Srisantisook, Distributor Manager Ms Cathy Hui, Yamazaki Mr Kusakabe, LF Asia Ms Carmen Nou are invited to stage for photo taking.

With the first trial to partner with Yamazaki, there are 14 desserts designed using Equal sugar blend for the event. At the event, Yamazaki chef has demonstrated  how to make cupcake using Equal Sugar Blend. Participants can learn how to D.I.Y. by their own at home.